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The Archangels Exhibition team finds its home training facility in St. Cloud, FL located at 2004 Jaffa Drive, Unit B. This facility offers many other programs to the local community in order to share the mission of Archangels.



* TyroTenShi Martial Arts – A fully combative martial arts system specifically designed for practical self defense scenarios. This system is not designed as a sport martial art, but rather to train the students with real-life tactics to have the best chance to protect themselves in an every-day manner.

* Fear or Fight Seminars – We offer many in-house workshops to promote awareness and family safety. Events generally discuss local crime statistics in relation to kidnapping, assault, rape, and robbery. While teaching participants to be aware and how to “Not be an easy target”, we teach basic physical tactics designed to give confidence that each person has the ability to protect themselves and their families. Archangels also partners with Bravery is Beauty to promote awareness in human trafficking and how we can combat this horrible reality in our society.

* Bully Defense Workshops – We offer in-house workshops as well as in-school field trips to promote safety awareness in youth. It is difficult for children to understand how to effectively protect themselves without fear of discipline. We teach specific techniques designed for students to safely get away from an attack without always having to retaliate with violence. We teach the importance of being aware of surroundings and how to effectively describe a perpetrator in the effect of an attempted crime. We also give motivational talks to youth of all ages and explain the importance of being respectful to ourselves as well as others. We have had great success with these events in reference to bullying and conflict.

* Fitness Training – We currently offer Burst Training classes twice per week in an effort to promote good health and nutrition. We believe that health is an extremely important aspect and many take it for granted. In order to be an effective example for our families, we must do our best to stay healthy and fit. The burst classes are high intensity and combine several aspects of cardiovascular exercise, muscle fatigue, weight training, and flexibility.

* Leadership Training/ Mentorship – We see the importance of growing strong leaders for the generations to come and offer many opportunities for youth and adults to learn effective strategies to begin self improvement and gain leadership skills. From personal mentoring to community event volunteering, and leadership study, we feel we can effectively raise strong leaders to take steps in the right direction for the future of our community.


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